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Dr Vic Nerds Flavor Pre-workout Supplement

Dr Vic Nerds Flavor Pre-workout Supplement

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Dr. Vic's Nerds Flavor Pre-workout has been formulated for those that want that extra kick. The Nerds Flavor Supplement is a unique product brought by dr Vic in the category of pre-workout Supplement. This product contains research-backed trademarked ingredients that combine to make this one of the best pre-workouts on the market. 


EnXtra™, this DNA-verified, stimulant-free, ultra-energizing botanical extract comes directly from the Alpinia Galanga plant. Improves focus and alertness without the usual caffeine "crash." Safety and efficacy have been demonstrated in compelling human research.


RedNite® is the first powdered concentrate of fresh beets to be standardized to have between 1.5 and 2.75 percent nitrate. It has a wonderful red color and good taste and dissolves completely in water.


AstraGin® is a patent-protected, all-natural ingredient that improves digestion by facilitating the absorption of nutrients.

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