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Our products include reserch-backed trademarked ingredients such as CellFlo6™

About DR VIC

Elevate YourLifestyle With the Safest Supplement Brand in UK

Dr. Vic is the medicinal pioneer considered to be the safest
supplement brand in UK. We offer high-end supplements that can change your
life to enhance fitness, burn fat, pump up your body and peaceful sleep. Dr.
Vic has put in maximum efforts when it comes to manufacturing, testing, and
distributing their products safely to their customers around the globe.


Our products are up to par with the industry standards with
research-backed trademarked ingredients such as CellFlo6™High. Dr. Vic has a
loyal customer base who rely on us based on our efforts and staying true to our

Our Commitment for Your Fitness

Are you looking for a delicious but unique way of consuming
supplements? Dr. Vic is all about committing and making an effort towards the betterment
of your lifestyle. We have special gummies, capsules, and powders to make your
pre-workouts interesting. For those who want a healthy and energetic body, we
offer high-end dietary supplements at an affordable price range.

What is DR VIC is all about?

Dr Vic is a online supplement store brand that has been designed to stand out from
the rest because of its uniqueness and consistency. Our products are
professionally formulated with researched-backed ingredients that helps you in
reaching your health and fitness goals.

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  • High Quality Ingredients

    Dr. Vic utilizes top-notch ingredients and well-researched
    formulae to come up with high quality products which yield the best outcomes.

  • 100% Natural

    Dr. Vic believes is staying true to its root and for that we
    come up with all-natural raw materials for gummies and pre-workouts without any
    artificial colouring or flavours

  • Zero Animal Products

    Dr. Vic revolves around making the world a better place
    which reflects in our products. Our products are cruelty free and not a single
    animal is harmed during testing or manufacturing of our products. Our entire
    range is also completely up to the vegan and halal food standards.